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Cherry MX RGB Switch

(4 customer reviews)

350.00400.00 ( incl. GST )

  • Comes in a pack of 10 pieces
  • Genuine Cherry MX switches (cross-type contact form)
  • Plate mount switches
  • Only SMD compatible. Not compatible with other leds
  • These switches are not compatible with Mechanical keyboard which supports optical switches.
  • Compatible with hot-swappable mechanical keyboard including Glorious GMMK mechanical keyboards

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Genuine Cherry MX switches

Cherry MX colour Actuation force(g) Characteristic Functioning
HTML5 Icon Blue 60 Clicky & Tactile Click Here
HTML5 Icon Brown 55 Tactile Click Here
HTML5 Icon Red 45 Linear Click Here
HTML5 Icon Silent Red 45 Linear Click Here
HTML5 Icon Speed Silver 45 Linear Click Here
HTML5 Icon Black 60 Linear Click Here

The collective information have been gathered from official CherryMX website.

Pack Of


Actuation Force

Red/Speed Silver/Silent Red – 45gms, Brown – 55gms, Blue – 60gms

Compatible with

CherryMX switch type

HSN Code


Country of origin


4 reviews for Cherry MX RGB Switch

  1. Keshav (verified owner)

    It was a very good experience. I have many reasons to say so. They are :-
    1) The speed at which they processed the delivery is phenomenal. I got it in 3 days, from Cuttack to Delhi. Good thing.
    2) I had made a request to give me a switch puller as well. In the market or else where, they charge you for it. But here, they hadn’t mentioned the gadget, hence out of question. Still i made the request and they sent it to me. 😍 Man.. this is called caring for your customer.
    3) This was very important for me. After taking out the product from the package, we rejoice at our product. But sooner or latter, we are confronted with the extra garbage that came along. Specially the plastic based cushioning ones. These guys have used paper based cushion product.I was quite calm in my mind. ThankU. These little things make a big change.
    Now some cones:-
    1)While buying, I was confused if i am going to get one(☝) switch or ONE Pact of 10 SWITCHES. This was very confusing. Please update your content accordingly.
    2) Man it was very hard to reach your site. I think you are amongst the few sellers in India who sell Keyboard switches. But i found you, after searching for two days. Why? Do something… this keyboard switch business will take off as the computer based operations will get mainstreamed. And you reach isn’t upto the mark. Work on it.
    3) Price:- I feel lucky that there is someone in India selling this. But i would feel luckier the day i will buy one switch per 10 or 25 rupees. Right now, the cost overhead for the switch is 55 rupees per switch for me. It’s reachable , but high enough to deter you from stocking one. Mind tells you that Ok it is too costly for now, we shall deal it when the problem comes. It should not be. This is one of the most important thing that you can do.

    I hope a very successful dream run to Meckeys. Bye.

  2. Grinder Pun (verified owner)

    Good !

  3. venuthewhite (verified owner)

    I bought 70 of these for my GK64 keyboard (which I also bought from MECKEYS) and installed them as is to see how they feel.

    They feel fantastic! They are unlubed (neither on the switch nor on the springs) but still feel great and don’t have any scratch at all! Now I know why Cherry MX is the leader of all the keyboard switches and why so many other companies copied them. Es gibt nur einen König im Bereich Tastatur Switches! (There is only one King in the world of Keyboard Switches).

    The switches are light and are easy on the hands and fingers.

    They are also way more quiet than any other blue switches I have had so far, including Gateron Blues.

    If you’re looking for a light and linear switch that you can type on for hours, go for these. I typed this entire review using the GK64 keyboard with red switches.

  4. Tayalicious (verified owner)

    Love the silent reds! A bit on the scratchier side, but I for one like the scratchy sound associated with the Cherry switches, cos then you are sure of the key being pressed. Used to make lots of mistakes on the smooth linear switches, which is why shifted to Cherries. Serves its purpose of being one of the best silent switches available in India, at least for now!

    Would recommend these if you are looking for silent switches at an affordable price!

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