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Frequently asked questions

Do you have any inquiries? Feel free to search for a specific topic or explore the sections below for a deeper understanding.

How do I cancel my order?+

How does the Pre-Order process work?+

Can I change my delivery address?+

I require a copy of my order’s invoice. What should I do?+

Does Meckeys provide GST invoices?+

I received the wrong product; what should I do? +

Can I return the product if it fails to meet my expectations?+

Can I request an update to my order during the pre-order stage?+

How do I cancel my pre-order?+

My account has been charged for the order, but it has not yet been confirmed. Why?+

What methods of payment are available?+

Do I need to pay any additional taxes or fees?+

When will my refund be issued if I cancel my order+

I have placed an order. When will my order be shipped?+

How do I track my order?+

What should I do if my product is not delivered within the time frame specified?+

Does Meckeys offer a warranty on the products?+

How do I file a warranty claim if there is a manufacturing defect?+

Will I be able to replace the defective product during the warranty period?+

How long will it take the RMA team to service the product?+

Where can I find the software for my keyboard and mouse?+