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Gateron Optical Switch

(12 customer reviews)

200.00450.00 ( incl. GST )

  • Comes in a pack of 10 pieces.
  • Gateron optical key switches with waterproof and dustproof design (cross-type contact form).
  • The switch is characterized by its small size, lacks pins, and features a compact structure. It boasts long life and high reliability.
  • Compatible with SK61 and SK64 keyboards
  • Featured Characteristic :
    • Gateron Blue – Clicky
    • Gateron Brown – Tactile
    • Gateron Red – Linear
    • Gateron Yellow – Linear
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Key Switches

Gateron Optical Blue, Gateron Optical Brown, Gateron Optical Red, Gateron Optical Silent Brown, Gateron Optical Silent Red, Gateron Optical Silver, Gateron Optical Yellow

Compatible with

CherryMX switch type

Actuation Force

Blue – 60 g, Brown – 55 g, Red – 45 gm

HSN Code


Country of origin


12 reviews for Gateron Optical Switch

  1. Gautam (verified owner)

    Ordered a 60 pack for my 61 keys keyboard. They sent 1 switch extra for free. This shows how much they are compassionate about their customers and I didn’t have to compromise with my escape button. Best vendors for customising keyboard ❤️

  2. sumandroid12 (verified owner)

    60+(1 free) perfect for my GK61

    About gateron optical yellows, these are probably one of a kind and is the lightest switch out there. Also very short actuation 1 mm! I was concerned about typing errors for that, After having them I don’t regret it one bit. Feel like typing on clouds, that’s not to say I don’t get any tactile feedback, due to their light springs I bottom out more frequently and they produce a nice sound, yeah maybe don’t get them if you prefer very silent switches. They are so light yet quite solid feeling, just perfect.

    Anyone lucky to have optical keyboards should try them out.

  3. Hashir (verified owner)

    Ordered Optical Red switches (10 x 6) for my GK61. Got them delivered in 5 days (from Cuttack to Lucknow via BlueDart, )without any kind of hassle. Order placed on 03rd March 2023. Package delivered on 7th March 2023.

    As always, got 1 extra switch (61 instead of 60) which is an absolute satisfaction since there are a total of 61keys on the keyboard. Original gateron switches (with branding on the switch casing).

    Installed the switches and i must say the quality is as per expectation.

    MECKEYS can be trusted completely!

  4. Abhinith Srinivasan (verified owner)

    Ordered 90 silver switches for my Redragon k587 pro. They work great and are enjoyable to type and game on.

  5. chandan (verified owner)

    These are good quality switches. I got 6 packs of browns for gk61. Would recommend lubing them. I Really appreciate that 1 extra switch. Great service. Keep it up.

  6. alwin (verified owner)

    ordered for 6 packs of optical blue switches for gk61, got 1 extra 🙂 thanks!

  7. Kailas (verified owner)

    good received on time and great quality packing

  8. Stark985 (verified owner)

    Bought the switches for my sk64. Excellent condition.

  9. Ahmed.edits (verified owner)

    I have received this switch and it’s been 2 week they are absolutely awesome and I love it I would prefer to lube it because their is a little scratch sound but it is unnoticeable they are light and fast.thx meckeys for makeing this switchs available as yellow are very rare to find

  10. Ahmed.edits (verified owner)

    Currently gk61 is out of stock when it will.i will get with switchs but to be in safe side I ordered 2packs of yellow switchs and thx to meckeys for making yellow switchs available because it is very hard to get yellow switchs now a days my switchs will arrive in some days yay

  11. Adharsh (verified owner)

    Ordered the blue keys for my geek gk61 which originally had red keys. The clicky and tactile feeling is completely different from the soft and linear red switches. I used them for around a week and found that I liked the reds more than the blues. The blue felt kinda scratchier and irritating. Overall good job on making these niche products accessible.

  12. Sun Xavier (verified owner)

    got 63 keys 2 extras in excellent condition , very happy

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