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Glorious Lube (G-Lube)

(1 customer review)

1,199.00 ( incl. GST )

  • Proprietary formulated synthetic grease
  • Perfect for all kinds of switches, springs, and stabilizers
  • Enough for up to 500 switches

In stock

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Compatible with

All types of mechanical switches, springs and stabilizers


10 gms

HSN Code


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1 review for Glorious Lube (G-Lube)

  1. Jeremy (verified owner)

    The lack of enthusiast mechanical keyboard culture is very apparent in india, Defiantly wasnt going to drop 5k for importing 205g0 so I was fortunate enough to find this in stock. Now its clear this is no krytox but honestly this is very close. Less in more with lubing your switches and its a long laborious process but the results are abundantly clear. I lubed up 20 khail red switches to test them out and hot damn they were like butter. Besides feeling sway smoother the sound becomes lower pitched and bassier making it way more satisfying. Khail stock springs are a little scratchy with a metallic ping when you bottom them out and this just gets rid of all of that. Obviously this is a very niche product and especially if you dont have a hot swappable keyboard desoldring 60+ switches, lubing them and resoldering them back may not seem worth it, but believe me.. its worth it. All in all Glorious G lube gets a 8/10, my box had a small leek, nothing too disastrous. I’ll give meckeys a solid 10/10 for having something like this is in stock at a comparatively reasonable price and decent shipping time.

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