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Royal Kludge RK68

(8 customer reviews)

  • Hot-swappable mechanical keyboard with Gateron Mechanical key switches.
  • ABS bottom shell with double-shot ABS keycap.
  • RGB backlit keyboard. Customization available both on-board & via software.
  • Ergonomic keyboard design to offer the most comfortable gaming and work experience.
  • Detachable USB Type-C cable.
  • One year domestic warranty.
  • Note: This keyboard is wired and doesn’t support wireless connectivity.
  • Note : The Package doesn’t contain MAC specific keycaps

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Colour Style

Black, White

Key Switches

Gateron Blue, Gateron Brown, Gateron Red





Logical Layout


Physical Layout

US Qwerty


Detachable USB

Compatible with

Linux, Windows




Approx 0.78 kg

Dimension (cm)

29.3 x 10.3 x 4

Keycaps Puller Included


HSN Code


Country of origin


8 reviews for Royal Kludge RK68

  1. Muthu (verified owner)

    Bought this keeb on feb this year, Using it for 6 months both for gaming and productivity. Best experience ever and it feels like this board will last long. I periodically clean the board bcoz mine is white gateron brown. Recently i lubed some switches its pretty smooth tactile feel. Tape modded all the stabs, Filled the empty inside with foam. Its little bit thocky i love the sound and the feel its like ASMR :). As this keeb is hot swabble iam planning to buy Akko radiant red switches, I would go for box type but not sure keycaps will fit or not. Iam on budget so i cannot change keycaps as of now..hoping to experience lot with this keeb..One con for me is height adjustment missing buts its not a big issue. To conclude its budget and very good keyboard for all users. Thanks, MK.

  2. Srividya (verified owner)

    I don’t game much, but type a lot. I just purchased the brown switch black body version of the RK68. And I’m extremely impressed. For a beginner mechanical keeb purchase, this is great! And i love the tactile response. The Gat brown is the perfect blend of clicky and creamy sound when i type. And worth the price with a good build. I like that i have the option to mod later on as well. Totally worth the purchase and a definite upgrade from your normal keyboard. I wish the sounds of the keyboard was a little bit more consistent, the spacebar can get a bit loud, would have liked a keyboard back stand for angled typing and I would have liked a wireless version for the price range. Those are the only cons i can think of if i chose to nitpick. But i genuinely do not think you can get a better Gat Brown switch for this price range. 10/10 would recommend to purchase for a beginner.

  3. NGANGOM SUNIL CHANDRA SINGH (verified owner)

    best mechanical i ever bought.

  4. prakashxinha (verified owner)

    I really love the rk68 keyboard, it’s really well built and I got the white variant with the red geteron switches. The red stitches are very smooth while typing with less tactility. Typing experience is really good. I don’t game but I purchased this keyboard mostly for typing. The keyboard is extremely well built, its study little heavy though which gives this keyboard a premium vibe. Keycaps are meh, I will be changing with PBT keycaps, also the spring inside the switches are a little scratchy. Need to lube them. Everything else is good about this keyboard. Only thing I hated about this purchase was the extreme delayed delivery via bluedart.i would suggest Meckeys team to switch over another courier partner such as DTDC or Delhivery.

  5. Soham (verified owner)

    Really good entry-level keyboard for anyone looking to start modding.
    Nice solid build, aluminium plate and really easy to work with.
    RGB is good as well if that’s your thing.
    Keycaps don’t look great but fairly simple to get replacements that look nicer.
    Overall a solid keyboard that will perform even better with Gat Pro Yellows and some decent foam.

  6. Sahilvrawat (verified owner)

    White Version with Gateron Red linear switches
    It is a totally bang for buck product, it’s wired and not wireless, but I only bought it to get into modding stuff coz it’s a hotswap keyboard and also it was my 1st ever mechanical keyboard, so let’s get started
    The switches: They are linear gateron reds, no bump or tactile feel and they are good but not great, lube them and they are fine
    Pcb: The pcb is 5 pin hotswappable with a type c connector in the middle and no wires attached, which makes it very easy for modding and it has north facing led and works fine
    Casing: The casing is made from plastic and has a metal plate to hold everything in place with six screws, the base is plastic and hollow so i put packing foam in it and also put foam in between pcb and metal plate and now it sounds so much solid and amazing and thocky
    Stabilizers: These are plate mounted plastic ones and rattle a lot in stock form, but I holee modded them, clipped out its feets, lubbed them with dielectric grease and now they are good and rattle free but it us the real painful process for the 1st time
    Keycaps: The keycaps are abs plastic and very thin and they donot sound good and have that ceramic sound or tinning sound which I dont like and they also get dirty a lot easier like with only 2 days of gaming and it looks qnd feels very poor on white, you have to clean it frequently or replace it with pbt ones
    Verdict: Overall a great product, and I think it is the best keyboard you can buy sub 4k INR in India right now and also it’s 65% and very good if you want to get into modding, thank you

  7. EnigmaSenpai (verified owner)

    I Bought White version with Gat red switches
    Recommended : Totally Yes(Bang for Buck)
    Keyboard Review : This is a solid kick starter budget friendly and packed with value. I later replace switches with C³EQUALZ X TKC DARK GREEN TANGERINE and They sound amazing with few mods.
    CONS : No wireless connectivity.
    Case : Hard plastic case(No flex) when typing.
    PCB : Hot Swappable PCB
    Keycaps : ABS material, OEM profile which good for gaming, legends are see through which makes RGB effect much better.
    Key Switches : I got Gateron Red version. I would recommend to lube them or replace them with factory lubbed switches (like Gateron Pro yellow or something).
    Stabs : Stabs are factory lubbed. I recommend to clip and band aid mod for better experience.
    Connectivity : WIRED ONLY (biggest con for this keyboard other than that its best starter keyboard for anyone who wants to get into whole custom bulding hobby )
    Meckeys Review ( 9/10 ) : Shipping was fast. Packaging was good. They Shipped through Delhivery.

  8. Prateek (verified owner)

    Pretty nice for a prebuilt, and especially at this price is a bang for the buck. I confused it with the Rk68 Plus though, which has wireless etc., while it doesn’t which I could get from international sites but didn’t want to wait months and the spare switches are RK, not Gateron, I was bit disappointed at first but after using it, good experience overall and unexpectedly great order management by Meckeys as well.

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