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Royal Kludge RK71

(18 customer reviews)

  • Mechanical keyboard with Gateron Mechanical key switches.
  • ABS bottom shell with double-shot ABS keycap.
  • RGB backlit keyboard. Customization available both on-board & via software.
  • Ergonomic keyboard design to offer the most comfortable gaming and work experience.
  • Detachable USB Type-C cable.
  • One year domestic warranty.
  • Note: This keyboard is wired and doesn’t support wireless connectivity.

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Colour Style

Black, White

Key Switches

Gateron Blue, Gateron Brown, Gateron Red





Logical Layout


Physical Layout

US Qwerty


Detachable USB

Compatible with

Linux, Windows




Approx 0.78 kg

Dimension (cm)

29.3 x 10.3 x 4

Keycaps Puller Included


HSN Code


Country of origin


18 reviews for Royal Kludge RK71

  1. Mayank (verified owner)

    It’s a great keyboard. The best budget option that you’ll find. The lettering on keycaps is a bit milky but apart from that, it’s a great place to start

  2. Sai Brahma (verified owner)

    This keyboard is really good and I chose the white color keyboard with brown tactile switches. I just have a question I want to change the switch in this model can I do that?

  3. sban2009 (verified owner)

    Bought the black, wired version with red switches. If you are going for tactile, I would advise going for Cherry or some other switch. If linear is your thing, Gateron can give serious competition to these big brands. The keypress sound is amazing and the matt finish is cool. However, ABS material means with a lot of usages, the matt finish will wear off on frequently pressed keys (like WASD for a gamer), revealing a shine. The stabilisation on the long keys could’ve been a bit better. The placement of the keys in the rightmost columns is akin to a TKL/full keyboard and a newbie will get used to it in no time. The software is ridiculous (yes macros and key assignment changes are fine, but software updates, bugs, preference retention…). Only the main lighting is saved if you don’t used software – the speed and side lights are not saved. As mentioned in other reviews, the function keys and other extra prints are made in white and are not engraved into the key (making it look cheap and weird - image for reference). Fantastic build quality, even though plastic base but would recommend a palm rest due to the height. Overall a fantastic budget option for anyone starting in the world of mechanical keyboards (even after all my complaints – you won’t find anything remotely close to this in the domestic market, at least as easily available as this). Do look into options like modding in time…

  4. Subhronath (verified owner)

    The best keyboard for budget gamers amazing lighting amazing feeling

  5. Ronit (verified owner)

    Been eyeing this keyboard for quite a while and truth be told I wasn’t expecting it to be so good for this price, all the things considered these blue switches have a very actuation point and I’d love to lube them after hearing them or just change them with something more linear. But all in all got a clean and nice no BS keyboard for a good price. Thanks,

  6. FottyTwo (verified owner)

    I am happy with the keyboard although all of the keycaps looks slightly different from what I see on the website. Expecially the function keys like what Aditya Talegaonkar said in an earlier comment.

  7. Anup Kodlekere (verified owner)

    Amazing budget mechanical keyboard for first time buyers. Bought the brown switches, got delivered very quickly too. 10/10 would recommend.

  8. Chaitanya (verified owner)

    Don’t even worry about the legitimacy of this website. This website is some kind of a diamond in a coal mine. I bought the rk71 black with gateron browns. I thought that what if the website didn’t deliver its product what would I do. I was very hopeless till the last second I got the product, and man was I happy. This keyboard is quite heavy, despite not having a battery so feels tough and sturdy. So, don’t worry buy your thing without worries and then enjoy the clacky heaven.

  9. Akhil Krishna C R (verified owner)

    This is a review for the black version with Gateron blues in them. This feels awesome. The build quality is excellent even though it is made of plastic and the keys feel excellent to type on. The keyboard has quite a bit of weight to it compared to the membrane ones with the same 71 key size. I needed the home and end keys and wasn’t going to compromise on them as well. I use this keyboard primarily for typing and I wanted blue switches badly, a decision which I don’t regret the least (Man, the click feedback feels awesome, I don’t care what my neighbour thinks about it). This can get rid of your Carpel tunnel if you are someone who spends a lot of time typing. The keys themselves have a slight wobble in them but are manageable. The space bar doesn’t feel so rattly or clickety as I found in some online reviews and stuff. Might change the keys to PBT in the long run but the stock keys are quite good for the price as well. The RGB looks excellent and has some options to try on. The only drawback I felt about the design is that the keys are almost tightly packed and dust might accumulate between them in time. But the keys are detachable, so shouldn’t be a problem at all. It took roughly 4-5 days for the delivery from Cuttack to Kerala via bluedart which is commendable. The longevity of the keyboard is something that is yet to be time tested.

  10. Udhav (verified owner)

    Overall good build though stabilizers could have been better.
    Got this keyboard in three days after ordering and an extra keycap from meckeys,
    For this price i think this is a good deal if it stays intact.

  11. 7054 (verified owner)

    Got brown switches really good, worth buying

  12. nishantmeckeys (verified owner)

    This keyboard delivers Bang for the buck!
    Good experience ordering and getting the delivery in 4 days.

  13. Nishant (verified owner)

    Got RK71 Black, Blue Switches
    Wonderful. The best entry level mechanical keyboard.
    The delivery was great with swift 5 day delivery and no damages.

  14. jaimish00 (verified owner)

    The RK71 Keyboard with Brown switches is really having a good built quality and good tecticle feedback. One thing I didn’t like about this keyboard is the lack of information given in the manual about the keybindings. This is my first keyboard which not full-sized or TKL. I was very excited to test this, but at the first, just to figure out some keys I had to Google that thing out.

    So far my keyboard experience has been really good. It’s sturdy, nicely built, and the RGB is also really good. But on the one thing The company can improve is the User manual.

  15. Abir (verified owner)

    Bought the RK71 white version with brown switches. Amazing build quality. The brown switches have a tactile feel and the keyboard as a whole sounds pretty good. The keycap texture is pretty good. The main attraction for me was the arrows keys being included without the right shift being changed in size. I subtracted 1 star because Meckeys does not provide the wireless version or the hot-swappable version of the keyboard. Apart from that the keyboard is pretty good and would definitely recommend it. Delivery time was good as well. (4days for me)

  16. Chaos_XII (verified owner)

    Gorgeuous beautiful keeb from rk. I’d say the best budget option 🙂

  17. Subit (verified owner)


  18. Aditya Talegaonkar (verified owner)

    Good keyboard but not the same as image (the mac keys and stuff like that)

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