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SK64 – PBT & RGB (Gateron Optical Switches)

(10 customer reviews)

5,299.00 ( incl. GST )
4,799.00 ( incl. GST )

  • Mechanical keyboard with hot-swappable Gateron optical key switches and dedicated arrow keys.
  • PBT sublimation GSA keycaps with ABS bottom shell
  • RGB backlit keyboard. Customization available both on-board & via software.
  • Ergonomic keyboard design to offer the most comfortable gaming and work experience.
  • Detachable USB Type-C cable.
  • Supports 3-layer programmable download mode and powerful game macros.
  • One year domestic warranty.
  • Note: This keyboard is only compatible with optical switches.

” Confused between SK and GK keyboards? Refer to our guide for help. “

Use this link to download the “latest driver“.

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Grey & Black, Grey & White, Pink & White

Key Switches

Gateron Optical Blue, Gateron Optical Brown, Gateron Optical Red, Gateron Optical Yellow




Dye-sub PBT



Logical Layout


Physical Layout

US Qwerty


Detachable USB

Compatible with

Linux, Windows




Approx 0.78 kg

Dimension (cm)

29.3 x 10.3 x 4

Keycaps Puller Included


HSN Code


Country of origin


10 reviews for SK64 – PBT & RGB (Gateron Optical Switches)

  1. Super Nova (verified owner)

    I love this keyboard a lot so good and worth it. I purchased sk64 with Gateron Optical Red Switches and PBT keycaps. Gaming and Typing is amazing on this keyboard. I used this keyboard for 2 weeks and zero issues with keyboards itself but software wise it was not up to the mark but you don’t need software to use it you can control RGB and brightness through shortcuts. I will recommend my friends to purchase and try this keyboard, I previously had keyboard with outemu blue switches and abs keycaps it was very loud and keycaps were shiny so I upgraded to sk64. I did some research before choosing keycaps and switches I recommend to do everyone the same. PBT keycaps are not shine through that means RGB light can shine through the legends and compared to abs keycaps this are little bit expensive, these keycaps are mostly available on high end keyboards.
    For switches I recommend Gateron Red Optical switches because it good for both gaming and typing If you are purchasing this keyboard for strictly gaming, I recommend Gateron Yellow Optical switches because they are very fast with low actuation force of 35g compared and for reds its 45g .

  2. Kinja (verified owner)

    Got the SK64 red switches for 4.8k on sale and its so much worth the price Has really good quality keycaps smooth swithces amd comes with a good quality cable!!!!

  3. Pankaj (verified owner)

    I ordered the keyboard via COD on 17 April 2023 and I received it on 20th April 2023 I didn’t have to pay an extra delivery charge. The packaging was the best followed by the best keyboard. I wish there was an option to add pictures of the keyboard, then I would have added it. Mine is a Gray and Black version with yellow Switches. typing is very smooth

  4. Geoffrey (verified owner)

    Best keyboard in this price range. Keycaps feels so premium. Red switches are good. The only con is that you can’t really experience those RGB colors because of those keycaps, but I really don’t care about that. Overall, the keyboard is great.

  5. Varun Bhatnagar (verified owner)

    I moved from a laptop keyboard to Sk64 optical blue mech keyboard and the difference is huge, it’s far far better than these membrane keyboards, will probably upgrade to optical red switches in the future bt for now the optical blues are doing just fine. Great product and great packaging by meckeys, thanks for providing such stuff in india at a reasonable price. Keep doing what you guys are doing and you’ll be huge soon! Please add gpro superlight also on this site thanks :p

  6. sachin (verified owner)

    A great keyboard to the core I was using a cheap one and as always their quality seemed and felt very cheap but SK64’s quality was smooth as butter couldn’t ask for more on this price range and as this was my first time ordering on this site i thought this might be a scam or something but I was wrong it is legit and i am writing this review to help the other people to understand the product and be clear as i wasn’t because of low(quantity not ratings) reviews on this product. So in conclusion i would recommend this product.

  7. Prudhvi (verified owner)

    really surprised with the quality we can get i can say its the best we can get around 5k and who are in tight budgets with little time u can adopt to the usage and the flexibility u can mod it later is also high people are not kiddin about PBT caps legend are so clear i just want to type on this board it attracts that much its my first board(custom) i played games also its pretty good once u can adopt we can swap the keys in future mostly gaming keys lean towards optical, i am not fan of rgb, the rgb wont do too good but if can upgrade keycaps its a kind a relative pref, but if u can stretch the budget go for glorious or ducky one 3(will hit the market soon) wish i could get ducky one 3’s.this board is happy purchase for me and worth every penny rather than buying any gaming keyboard arnd this budget and preorder worth the time and i love meckeys site for gettin these boards to india ty.

  8. NAMAN2602 (verified owner)

    Best keyboard under 5k budget. Good for gaming and typing.

  9. Psycshot (verified owner)

    worth it

  10. shrekty (verified owner)

    Love it

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