SK64 – RGB (Gateron Optical Switches)

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4,499.005,199.00 ( incl. GST )
3,999.004,699.00 ( incl. GST )

  • Mechanical keyboard with hot-swappable Gateron optical key switches and dedicated arrow keys.
  • ABS bottom shell with double-color ABS keycap.
  • RGB backlit keyboard. Customization available both on-board & via software.
  • Ergonomic keyboard design to offer the most comfortable gaming and work experience.
  • Detachable USB Type-C cable.
  • Supports 3-layer programmable download mode and powerful game macros.
  • One year domestic warranty.
  • Note: This keyboard is only compatible with optical switches.

” Confused between SK and GK keyboards? Refer to our guide for help. “

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Save up to 28% with GST Invoice.

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Additional information



Colour Style

Black, White

Key Switches

Gateron Optical Blue, Gateron Optical Brown, Gateron Optical Red, Gateron Optical Yellow





Logical Layout


Physical Layout

US Qwerty


Detachable USB

Compatible with

Linux, Windows




Approx 0.78 kg

Dimension (cm)

29.3 x 10.3 x 4

Keycaps Puller Included


HSN Code


Country of origin


17 reviews for SK64 – RGB (Gateron Optical Switches)

  1. coolshaurya (verified owner)

    The delivery was quick: I ordered it on Wednesday and it arrived on Sunday.

    The keyboard itself has great build quality and is sturdy.
    I got the brown switches, which have a nice tactile bump, but it can be a bit hard to notice if you are used to membrane or heavier switches like blues. Also, the sound is really nice.

    The keyboard’s software is meh: it only worked when I connected to my laptop’s USB2 port and the UI is non-intuitive. Also, it doesn’t seem to let you change the keymaps of the default layer, which is somewhat disappointing. This is a problem for me as I want to change either the delete key or the menu key into a ctrl key.

    Overall this is a great keyboard for the price. I would have given 5 start if it had better software.

  2. Ayushmaan (verified owner)

    This is my first 60 percent optical keyboard, I used a tactile blue mech full size board for more than 3 years and mech reds for an year or so. I was so bored by the same keyboards,
    In India the market for custom keyboards is pretty niche and keyboards are hard to find. I love MECKEYS. This keyboard is abolutely phenomenal. pretty good build and the fact its hot swap is enough for me, gat optical yellows are pretty good, pretty sensitive, difference between reds and yellows is yellows are way more consitent after lubing in terms of sound feel and typing, red switches go way much silent after lubing and looses thocc after over lubing, also yellows are 5gms heavier than reds, I used red as well, they are way to light, never used yellows, kind of he same after lubing yellows. Im pretty Impressed with the keyboard, Also 22 and playing games since I was 10 on pc,response is way too good, I feel the difference, Also I feel manuevering in fps games is way more fun and easier. For me sk64 is better as it gives arrow keys as well with same 60 percent form factor. Highly recommended MECKEYS, great support , product reched in 4 days.

    Also have odered Krytox 205G0 for switches and 206 for stabs and waiting for it to get delivered, Sadly they didnt had it so had to pay doube the price of the lube itself to buy from somewhere else.

    Will update once I upgrade the stabs band aid , foam mod, lube, clipping stabs, That what I was waiting for..>3

  3. Seemon (verified owner)

    Good keyboard.

  4. RudrakshRoy (verified owner)

    Short review. This is my first mechanical keyboard. Never tried mechanical switches and went straight for optical ones. Build quality is very sturdy, It’s not physically possible for me to bend this keyboard even If I want to. Switches are optical browns, they feel very good and a good mixture between linear and tactility. The spacebar has the most rattle, wobble in switches are barely noticeable, board comes pre-lubed although the spacebar does not feel lubed. Keycaps are hard to find since this board has a uniformed layout. Got used to the new layout quickly though. Would recommend this keyboard if you are new to the MK community, but it’s probably better and more secure to order a RK68 by spending 100 rs more and get a common keyboard layout for mechanical switches. Though, if you’re looking for optical switches, go for this. 9/10 keyboard. I’m from Kolkata, order was delivered in 4 days and was in good condition.

  5. Eldhose (verified owner)

    First of all the packaging was excellent. I haven’t seen a packaging like this with amazon or Flipkart. It was well packed in a hard box which is great to withstand the shipping process. Delivered 2 days earlier than expected. This was my first mechanical keyboard and it is awesome. The red switches are really good. Glad i went with read. The response ,the build quality, rgb customisation everything. Superb. Just superb

  6. Anubhav (verified owner)

    Liking it so far, product was delivered within 3 days.

  7. josephbinoy (verified owner)

    What can I say except that Meckeys delivered (pun intended).

    Great sturdy packaging and not a scratch on the box. Fedex order tracking is so accurate and detailed its almost scary. Got it delivered in less than a week. Received timely updates from Meckeys via email. Hats off to Meckeys for the wonderful shopping experience.

    The product itself works flawlessly, no, even better than I imagined. I think its a great first kb for anyone really. Bright rgb with different animation presets and nice, smooth keys. Perfect for gaming and typing.

  8. Subhodeep Das (verified owner)

    Reviewing after almost a year I think. Love this keyboard. Never heard of this company but my friend suggested it. Completely satisfied, the best mech keeb you can get at this price.

  9. Renisha Christie A (verified owner)

    I had been searching for a 65% mechanical keyboard within my budget when I came across meckeys. Although this is not a strictly 65% keyboard it fit my needs. This was my first time ordering from meckeys which made me extremely anxious but the amazing support regarding my order and delivery services put me at ease.

    This is my first mechanical keyboard and the first thing I did was configure the keys. The gateron optical yellows feel good to type and I’m loving the customisation options. Thanks to the 60% size I have more desk space! I have just started using it and so far I think this is a good keyboard for anyone transitioning from membrane to mechanical.

  10. Harsimran (verified owner)

    I wanted to try mechanical keyboard for a long time was searching through various retailer but everyone had a similar option then suddenly I found this website was a bit sceptical at first but was very happy when finally received the product. The delivery was quick with solid packaging will recommend it to my friends.

    About keyboard
    – It’s a surprisingly strong build with little to no flex
    – There are tons of customization option for RGB lights
    – The keys are strong and tactile. (Took me some time to get used to)
    – Very clickity noise if you are into that (Mine as yellow edition)
    – Size is comfortable the same if you are coming from a 15inch laptop keyboard.
    – Some keys like brightness up and down are not present so you have to map it yourself.
    – Although keyboard software has a lot to offer but still was a little confusing for me to use.

    Overall good product if you want to get into a mechanical keyboard and have less space to work with and relatively not that expensive and keycaps can be easily removed so that’s a plus too. Go for it.

  11. Aji (verified owner)

    Received it on time as mentioned. Packaging is rock solid.
    Coming to keyboard
    + It is plastic but it’s sturdy and build like a tank.
    + I bought a yellow switches which is smooth and lite.
    + RGB is good, has various customizable options.
    You can’t imagine any other keyboard in this price point.

  12. Santosh (verified owner)

    Loved the keyboard guys!!. I had a 4 year old TKL and this is my first 64% keyboard. I was afraid to loose my convenience with the additional keys and this was definitely a leap of faith but damn the keyboard delivered and I’m already up to speed. I always had black-red/black accessories to match my setup’s color scheme and I said **** it, let’s give the White one a try and man its freaking beautiful with and without RGB. The brown switches along with the satisfying mild clicks is a match made in heaven. A tear escaped when I first typed on this keyboard 🥺🥺🤩. It also feels like the switches are pre-lubed (which would explain why there was no seal on the keyboard box) nevertheless I’m just loving my purchase. Thankyou MECKEYS for this, you’re a good man!!

    PS: Hey the driver link isn’t working, please check. Thanks

  13. SUCHIT (verified owner)

    Product delivered in 3 days. It is my first mechanical keyboard experience and the keys feel fantastic. I had got advice to go for mechanical switches but went for ther optical one as it was way cheaper. Product is good and looks great , but cannot compare to other mechanical keyboards since I never owned any.

  14. Tanfeez (verified owner)

    This was my first purchase on Meckeys as well as my first mechanical keyboard, so I was a little worried. All my anxiety went away when the keyboard arrived. This keyboard is a joy to type on. I choose this over the sk61 because of the dedicated arrow keys available on this model. The delivery took some time but that’s expected for the region I live in. Don’t worry if Meckeys shows “processing” after your payment, its takes some time ranging from a day to 3-4 days then you get a tracking id message from Meckeys.
    I highly suggest this keyboard for typing enthusiasts as well as for gaming.

  15. SKYE (verified owner)

    Pretty Great Experience For my first Mechanical Keyboard. I got the Gateron Reds which are pretty smooth.

  16. Brb (verified owner)

    First of all let me start with the delivery. The delivery was quick, I ordered it on 1st February and the keyboard got delivered in 4th February. Now let’s talk about the keyboard. I ordered Gat Reds, initially I was more inclined toward the yellow but I wanted something lighter than yellow so I decided to go for reds. I was planning to mod the keyboard completely, I had the lubes, the switch films, the foam and everything. Turns out the stabs were pre lubed and they sounded pretty thocky it was a wee bit rattly but I can manage. I am currently in the process of lubing the switches and it is time consuming. The board itself is pretty sturdy with no flex at all. The RGB, which I’m not a big fan of is quite good. The cable included is nothing to write home about but that’s just you expect in a low budget board. The fact that it’s a hot swappable is surprising at such price range. You get a keycap puller and a switch puller along with the board.

  17. Harsh (verified owner)

    It is a great keyboard, especially for the price. I like the layout, which has dedicated arrow keys in a 60% form factor. Initially, I was worried if the small right shift key would be a problem while typing though it has not affected my typing experience, other than a few misses in the beginning. The positioning of the delete key is also something I found useful while editing.

    + The case is solidly built and feels sturdy. The plastic has a matte finish, with minimal flex.
    + The brown switches are smooth and very satisfying to type on. The tactile bump is slightly smaller than what I had expected, though the feedback is present.
    + The keys have a bit of wobble to them but not something noticeable.
    + The keycaps are okay. Pretty shiny when viewed from certain angles.
    + The RGB lighting is bright, customizable and the shine-through is attractive.
    + The stabilizers are about average, not perfect but certainly not a deal-breaker.

    Software: I have yet to delve into the software. It is not very user-friendly. Apart from FN, all other keys can be re-mapped. There are tons of different lighting options, though it will take some time to figure it out.

    The product was delivered within less than a week after the pre-order release date, with no signs of damage and nice, sturdy packaging. Thanks to Meckeys for bringing this keyboard to India at an affordable price. Looking forward to shopping again!

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