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Keychron K2 (Hot-swappable)

(11 customer reviews)

  • All models version 2 i.e. K2V2.
  • Hot-swappable, compatible with almost all the MX style 3pin and 5pin mechanical switches.
  • Mechanical keyboard with Gateron pro mechanical key switches.
  • Support both wired(detachable USB Type-C cable) and wireless(via bluetooth) connection.
  • Available with white led and RGB backlit options.
  • Ergonomic keyboard design to offer the most comfortable gaming and work experience.
  • Compatible with both Mac and Windows OS.
  • One year domestic warranty.

” Keychron K2 user manual can be found here.”

Use this link to download the “latest firmware“.

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SKU: KEYCHRON-K2-HS Categories: ,


RGB Backlit, RGB Backlit with Aluminum Frame, White Backlit

Key Switches

Gateron Blue, Gateron Brown, Gateron Red




RGB, White

Logical Layout


Physical Layout

US Qwerty


Wireless connectivity using Bluetooth, Detachable USB

Compatible with

Mac, Windows




Approx 0.78 kg

Dimension (cm)

31.5 x 13 x 4

Keycap Size

(1.25u Ctrl, Win, Alt), (1.75u, 2.25u Shift)

Keycaps Puller Included


HSN Code


Country of origin


11 reviews for Keychron K2 (Hot-swappable)

  1. Thunder27 (verified owner)

    Extremely nice keyboard, got in perfect shape from Meckeys, really happy with the purchase

  2. Hoarfrost32 (verified owner)

    Really fucking good

  3. Ajinkya (verified owner)

    Great product, Timely service, received within 3 days… Thanks, meckeys!

  4. Revanth Raman (verified owner)

    Excellent customer service from meckeys. You guys are the best.

    This is my first mechanical keyboard. I opted for the blue switch to experience pure feeling of typing. K2 has excellent thock. Build quality (plastic frame) is tank no flex at all. Simply pure bliss 😇

  5. Saumil (verified owner)

    Coming from cheap membrane and entry level mechanical keyboards, K2 just thrashes everything in the price range.
    Wireless, Small Compact and it taught me first time that mechanical switches can be good sounding and amazing to type with.
    The fact I can use the keyboard with my ipad and phone for even just typing out long texts is such a convienience.

    Bottom line- If you’re looking to enter the keyboard masterrace and if it ticks your preferences, K2 will not disappoint it all.
    If you have even an inkling towards buying it DO IT !!!!!! highly recommended.

  6. miss4chewN8 (verified owner)

    [RGB Backlit, Plastic Frame, Gateron Browns]

    This was my very first order from Meckeys. The entire experience was quite hassle-free and I received my product in 4 days. The packaging was quite nicely done and there were so signs of damage.

    Moving on to the actual keyboard itself, the unboxing experience was very nice and all the components were well packed (don’t throw away the packing foam, keep it for modding your keyboard later on). The keyboard felt quite sturdy (even though I didn’t order the aluminium frame variant) and is probably one of the heaviest keyboards that I have ever used. The included cable is braided and feels nicer than regular cables that most of us are used to. Replacing keycaps is extremely easy with the included the keycap puller. As I was curious about the hot-swap functionality, I tried pulling a switch but felt that the switch was not coming off easily (like how they appear in some instructional videos) and I was a little worried. However, I tried to pull the switches again but by wriggling them a little bit now and they came off. So while I admit that pulling them off required a little more force than I was expecting, I can rest easy knowing that my board was indeed hot-swappable.
    As for the switches themselves, they feel good and sound nice. However, they didn’t provide the level of tactility that I was seeking and these felt more like “scratchy” linears rather than actual tactile switches. The stabilisers were much better than what I was expecting and honestly I couldn’t detect rattle in the spacebar. Although I felt that my left-shift was slightly slower on the upstroke and it felt “laggy” (for the lack of a better word), it is not a deal-breaker as one can easily fix that.

    The keycaps are made of ABS plastic and the quality of the lettering is nice on all of the three colours, however the quality of shine-through is not consistent and it is a problem on the black keycaps as some parts of the legends don’t let out light as much as their surroundings and as a result, “blotches” appear. Moreover, on the F5-F9 function keycaps the legends at the bottom which name the function key (like Fx) do not pass light at all and that is a bummer given the consistency of shine-through on the white function key keycaps. While the orange keycaps don’t suffer from the issue of uneven shine-through, there is quite some light-bleed and it looks bad if you use it in the night. Moving on to the actual RGB lighting, I must say that despite not being an RGB fan, I was quite impressed by the number of lighting effects and the brightness of the RGBs. An RGB enthusiast would definitely like this keyboard.

    I use the keyboard primarily in the wired mode but I feel that the wireless mode (using BT 5.1) is great too and I didn’t notice any lag in games. However, I recommend disabling the auto-sleep functionality as it can become quite annoying and also to keep track of the battery level use the Fn + B shortcut and it will turn all the LEDs green if the battery is sufficiently charged, blue if the battery has charge but it is somewhere around 30-60 percent (I don’t know the actual percentages), and red if the charge level is low. This is important because there have been reports that the board stops working in the wired mode too (until you charge it to some level) if the battery runs out completely. I will conclude by saying that the natural incline was sufficiently comfortable and I didn’t need to use a wrist rest. I think the OEM profile of the keycaps helps dealing with the elevation too.

    The entire experience has been great overall and I would definitely recommend this keyboard to anyone who is looking to get into the world of mechanical keyboards.

  7. dasashirbad (verified owner)

    Very good keyboard. It’s on an another level compared to the sub-3k boards I had used before.
    Also great customer support.

  8. Pankaj (verified owner)

    Hi, I have purchased a Keychron K2 V2 hot swappable, white backlit model. I was sceptical at first regarding the authenticity of Meckeys as this was my first purchase from the platform. I am really happy with my order and the way Meckeys handled the whole thing for me. I have purchased it as part of the pre-order purchase with promotional value and have received it at 6900 INR compared to a much higher value from Keychron India themselves.

    Now about the keyboard:
    This is my first mechanical keyboard purchase, and I have purchased this mainly for using with my new IPad, and it has been a breeze so far, connecting and operating it. I also have attempted using it with my windows PC and it works just fine with both the devices, in wired and wireless mode. The tactile feedback from the keys with gateron brown switches is a joy to operate along with the pleasant sound of the keys themselves.

    Note: I am not a gamer, and this keyboard will accompany me as a road warrior, to be used on the go for ease of productivity.

  9. Karthik (verified owner)

    This was my first mechanical keyboard and so far I’m loving it, I had pre-ordered this on 13th October and received it on 23rd October. The meckeys team was great throughout the process, even though I was acting a bit restless with my purchase they did their best to deliver it as soon as possible.
    The keyboard(RGB plastic frame) is all I could ask for, it doesn’t feel cheap or has any flex. I had researched this product a lot before purchasing it and had heard and read in a few reviews about some minor issues here and there but I didn’t experience any of those issues on my unit I think keychron has made the necessary changes to address those issues.

    The short version of the rant is
    Buy this keyboard if you want a good wireless RGB keyboard that will get the job done, It is not as fancy as the more expensive ones but you won’t regret it.

  10. Paresh Jagatia (verified owner)

    [RGB Backlit with Aluminum Frame]

    Thanks MECKEYS for timely delivery of this lovely product.

    Loving it so far.

    One minor observation about the backlit, one of the backlit option is when all the keys are white, the function keys highlights the media symbols properly but the F1,F2 etc. are not much highlighted like the other lights do. This is just that I am a programmer and use those switches for F1,F2 over media related usage. Other lighting options shows both the F1 number and the media option.

  11. akshansh (verified owner)

    Pre ordered on 24th September, got on 25th October.
    I was skeptical at first, but then googled about meckeys and found it a trusted source.
    The official Keychron India website i.e. is selling the RGB Aluminium version at Rs. 8700 and meckeys is providing the same at 7700 Rs.(I got mine at 7500 Rs because of the promotion at time of preordering).
    So, overall I am very happy with my purchase.
    Thank you meckeys for the great experience.

    Now about the keyboard:
    It is very well built and feels sturdy.
    It is fun typing on mechanical keyboard after so many years, I am a guy who used the macbook’s keyboard primarily, now just can’t go back to the mac’s keyboard 😉

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