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Royal Kludge RK M75

(20 customer reviews)

Estimated Restock Date: July 31, 2024.

Special Pre-order discount (included)

6,999.00 ( incl. GST )

  • Hot-swappable wireless mechanical keyboard with Mechanical key switches
  • RKM75 , comes with Gasket design, Multi-functional Pixel screen which displays battery level, WIN/MAC, wired/2.4G/BT mode, volume level and a knob design for power on/off, volume adjustment, switching mode
  • South-facing RGB backlit keyboard. Customization available both on-board & via a Royal Kludge proprietary software.
  • Ergonomic keyboard design and long battery life of 3750 mAh to offer the most comfortable gaming and work experience.
  • Trio Mode(Bluetooth, 2.4Ghz and Wired).
  • One year domestic warranty.

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Key Switches

RK Brown, RK Fast Silver, RK Pale Green, RK Red, RK Viridian, RK Yellow




Double-shot ABS



Logical Layout


Physical Layout

US Qwerty


Detachable USB

Compatible with

Mac, Windows




Approx. 1.3 kg

Dimension (cm)

32.7 x 13.8 x 4.1

Keycaps Puller Included


Key switch puller included


HSN Code


Country of origin


20 reviews for Royal Kludge RK M75

  1. Shaik (verified owner)

    Worth it…..

  2. ATHARV (verified owner)


  3. Ajay_Ingole (verified owner)

    Hi All,

    I have extensively using this keyboard for about 2 months now. (Silver switch)

    1. Great typing experience & would recommend to add palm rest due to keyboard build.
    2.You will love the sound while typing.
    3.Multiple RGB options & sequencing ways.
    4.Switch wise you can customise & build as you like using the frame structure so that’s a plus point of this keyboard.
    5.Battery life is also great would last 4-5 weeks via bluetooth mode.
    6.Nob feature is great while switching & controlling volume.
    7.Double Shot ABS switches so you can customise the keycaps as well.
    8.Cable provided with keyboard has type c-c & type c-USB feature which helps for Mac & windows user.

    1. keycaps backlight through is not for this Key Caps & need to buy different set of key caps separately that is PBT/ABS.
    2.For Mac user, Nob feature would not work if you use external sound bar, so there is limitation for Mac user.
    3.Mini LED screen has only Battery life & connectivity indication. If it was customisable then it would be great.
    4.Some windows feature such as selecting entire line using (fn+Shift + arrow key) for this keyboard is difficult as keys are separate for end/home.

    That’s it from my experience & would recommend to buy this mechanical keyboard compared to Keychron (k2-V2, K3 Pro,K2-Pro, etc bit costly but same value as RK).

    I would love to make modification on RK M75 keyboard to make it low profile.

  4. naganinja87 (verified owner)

    Board came in today, great so far, the pale green switches are amazing. Sound of the board is also great right out of the box. Meckeys shipped out quick and arrived before the estimated delivery date. Very happy with the purchase

  5. Debjit (verified owner)

    Great keyboard, sound is actually really good, one downside is that the keycaps are not see through so the rgb is there just for the aesthetics.

  6. Parth (verified owner)

    The order experience and the delivery and the keyboard everything make me feel super amazed. Highly recommend and 100% trusted

  7. Soma (verified owner)

    Just got the keyboard today and it’s AMAZING. I got the VIRIDIAN switches and it sounds so good. For this price, it’s a steal of a keyboard. Both looks and feels amazing.

  8. Adit (verified owner)

    A very good keyboard. I bought the yellow switches. My only concern was that some 6-7 switches sound a bit scratchy. They do provide 4 extra switches which I had to use it immediately but for the remaining 3, had to swap it with keys that aren’t used frequently.

  9. Subhendu (verified owner)

    Very good keyboard, satisfied with purchase

  10. maZirtira (verified owner)

    Great keyboard and loved it! I bought is as my work keyboard (had a Keychron at home) and totally loved it! Got the RK Brown switch. The keys are awesome, sounds are also satisfying. I believe it is the best at its price range. Knob gives a cool look to the design. I have uploaded my unboxing and hands-on review and test on YouTube, so check it out :

  11. Ajay_Ingole (verified owner)

    Loved the keyboard
    Thanks Meckeys for supplying such amazing keyboard
    Will share in-depth review soon

  12. Preygle (verified owner)

    Was looking to buy a custom keyboard since last year but after checking prices of barebone kits and other accessories in India, I decided not to. Then saw RK M75 ad on insta by meckeys since I am a keyboard nerd who watches alot of keyboard reels nd yt videos. Researched about this and went on to give it a try considering it was priced very well thanks to meckeys. Long story short fell immediately in love when I received this keyboard. Making a bold statement right now – This keyboard is the closest you can get to a custom keyboard and after doing alot of research I can probably say this is the best keyboard you can get under 10000. I mean it’s wireless, great functional display, tactile vol nob, beautiful looking keycaps, sturdy and heavy touch and feel, have the brown switches and they just sound amazing so good as if someone just lubed the keyboard. All I hope it lasts for a long time but I am not worried since you get 4 extra switches and you can replace any switch that becomes faulty in the long run

  13. Kishlay (verified owner)

    Got RK M-75 Pale Green Switches.
    Good keyboard but expected a braided or coiled cable.

  14. Ayush (verified owner)


    Royal Kludge really outdid themselves with this one. I ordered the Pale Green switches version and the keys have a thocky yet very deep clicky sound. The lubing on the switches is very apparent and it is very very good. The keyboard also has the classic Gasket Mount wobble (not sure what it is called exactly). The screen is very clean and pretty. The volume knob is tactile so it feels amazing. The keycaps are I THINK double shot PBT since the newer versions have that and a 5 pin socket which this one has, the older versions used to be 3 pin only and came with double shotABS keycaps.

    Overall just a very solid keyboard especially at this price point. Dare I say it sounds like custom build? I do dare.

  15. naushadcomputers (verified owner)

    this is beautiful keyboard. i love it thanks meckeys.

  16. naushadcomputers (verified owner)

    super keyboard 100%

  17. Surya (verified owner)

    the first impressions seem to be promising. I hope the company took quality control in consideration which can’t be said right out of the box from a basic user perspective like me, but I still fear a little as there are a lot of negative reviews against RK. I came looking for a decent backlit wireless keyboard which is not so common at normal prices. was going for Razer but given Razer’s quality control and warranty state in India ended up buying this after it caught my eye as it checked many of my boxes along with a few additions. will eventually replace with some night keycaps. Thanks For the Stickers, MECKEYS.

  18. Sid (verified owner)

    – Excellent value
    – Looks beautiful, especially with a white setup
    – Hotswap so you can replace switches in case of any faults later on (or if you just want to upgrade)
    – Feels sturdy and weighty
    – Screen is useful to get battery info, don’t know how other keyboards handle this without one.
    – Knob nice value add
    – Comes with extra switches, key switch puller, decent USB C to C cable (with a C to A dongle) in the box. Excellent value ads.

    – Common theme with most of these Chinese keyboards – the secondary functions are mostly useless. Like, who needs a function to open Email or a Music app? Also volume control keys which feel a bit redundant when you have a knob that does the same thing
    – Keys/Knob are slightly wobbly, doesn’t affect typing experience IMO but your opinions might vary
    – Software is confusing, hopefully won’t need to use it beyond changing lighting

    Overall – Excellent value board for 6k, hope to keep this for a really long time and upgrade it should I feel the need to. For anyone wondering about the delivery experience: It only took two days after the keyboard was restocked for me to receive it (in Bangalore). Meckeys is trustworthy which is why I opted to pre-order a month back.

  19. Rahul (verified owner)

    The entire process was very smooth. Prompt delivery and the keyboard itself is excellent. Strong recommend.

  20. SHANKAR (verified owner)

    This keyboard feels amazing and looks amazing as well

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