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Lamzu Atlantis

26000 DPI
(7 customer reviews)

7,999.00 ( incl. GST )

  • High-performance & ultra light weight wireless mouse
  •  PAW3395 optical sensor and No-lag wireless connectivity
  • Supports up to 26000 DPI
  • High battery life up to 70 hours
  • Perfect for medium to large hands and a great fit for intensive claw grip users
  • Best performance on FPS Games
  • Comes with USB-C Cable
  • One year domestic warranty
  • Product box contains Lamzu Atlantis, PTFE Skate, Velvet bag, USB dongle/extender, 1.8m Type-c Para cord (x1)

Latest Software/driver can be downloaded from official Lamzu website”

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Wired, Wireless

Key Switches

Huanno Blue Shell Pink Dot 80 MillionSwitch




USB 2.0

Logical Layout

6 buttons


26000 DPI


55 g

Cable Type

USB-C Cable

Compatible with

Linux, Mac, Windows

HSN Code


Country of origin


7 reviews for Lamzu Atlantis

  1. SHAAN SHEKHAWAT (verified owner)

    First of all guys let me tell you something i never write any review but this thing is sooooo good like i dont know it made me write a review its the best mouse for claw grip and thnkyou so much meckeys you never disappoint me it was delivered within 4 days like wow guys great work.

  2. Gauravvv (verified owner)

    Best mouse for claw grip 100 percent would recommend

  3. Hriatrenga (verified owner)

    First I wanna thank Meckeys for the amazing work. I ordered the KeychronV1 and the Lamzu Atlantis charcoal black on the 31st of March 2023, they keep me updating through my Gmail which is always a relief. My order arrived at the 8th of April which is quite fast in my opinion.

    About the Lamzu Atlantis Charcoal Black (The Charcoal Black has a rougher texture and provides more grippy texture while the white version is a smoother surface and feels extremely smooth to the hand), this mouse is almost flawless, the first and most important part of a mouse is the sensor, this mouse uses the Pixart PMW3395 which is extremely good and tracks mouse movements perfectly and feels pretty darn similar to the HERO 25K sensor by Logitech. Secondly the shape, this mouse shares a similar shape as the Endgame Gear XM1, not exactly the identical but it feels extremely similar on-hand, the hump is leaning more towards the back side and note that this mouse is pretty wide, shape is something one cant describe for others as we all have personal preferences, but in my opinion this is comfortable enough for me even though I have a slightly smaller than average male hands. Third one I wanna talk about is the switches, this mouse uses the Huano Blue switches which is leaning a bit more towards the heavier side but overall very good, the side buttons on the other hand has a bit of con I would say as it has quite a lot of post-travel issue which might not allow you to spam it like other mouses, this is a very minor issue and it does not effect the overall feel of the mouse, the scroll wheel has a rubberised texture and has a nice tactile scroll. The other things that make this mouse extremely good is the weight, Lamzu did a good job on distributing the weights throughout the mouse coming in at only 55g without any cut-out of honeycombs which is exquisite, it also has a 1000hz polling rate which is always nice and the stock skates are extremely good and I combined it with the GSR-SE(Rouge) and it is one the best experience. Overall this is a solid mouse and is one of the best mouse you can get on the market right now and that settles it, The Lamzu Atlantis is an excellent mouse and you guys should consider getting one too.

  4. Pasikdar (verified owner)

    Let’s first talk about the mouse , it’s exactly same as the reviews I’ve seen on YouTube , no complains whatsoever ever .it is everything what I thought it to be If it fits your needs go for it .
    Now let’s talk about Meckeys , I had never heard of Meckeys , a simple google search about Lamzu Atlantis and I found The Meckeys site , didn’t know anything about the company so I decided to Google about it , the trust pilot score was low , only 2.5 ratings in 8 reviews, so I decided not to order the mouse but then I visited the Lamzu site and found out that Meckeys was the official reseller that game me a little confidence and I really wanted this mouse , so I decided to pay the site a visit again and found a discount on the mouse and also that cash on delivery was available . Since I desperately wanted the mouse , I decided to go for it and order the mouse on COD . So soon received the mail about the order and a confirmation call in a few days . After that I received a mail saying my pin code was non deliverable , I was really sad but it also gave me an option to change the pin code via the mail only , all I had to do it was to reply that mail with a new pin code and so I did . The problem was resolved within a few hours and the product was shipped the same day . The rest was taken care by the delivery agent . It was easy to track my order and when I finally received , it was well packed and the product was as advertised.
    So in the end would I recommend this product ? Yes absolutely , if it fits your needs .
    Would I recommend Meckeys ? O yes definitely, amazing service and products as well .
    Do I agree with the trust pilot score ? No , I didn’t experience any of the things mentioned in the reviews there .
    I also hope they bring other Lamzu products as well as other brand products that are not easy to get . And also Thankyou for making these amazing products available .

  5. 7054 (verified owner)


  6. Binayak (verified owner)

    Really great mouse just as i hoped.good battery life and build.only issue i had was the wrong colour grip tapes provided in box (got the red grip tapes with blue mouse) making it a aesthetically unpleasant.

  7. Vishwanath Subramanian (verified owner)

    Bought it during the 2022 Christmas sale since I had been eyeing this mouse specifically for quite a while. Thanks to Meckeys for bringing it to India, although I wish they had more of these products in stock, and in more colorways.

    Build quality is solid and I couldn’t detect any flaws in the model either. The coating is basic but has a nice matte finish that does not attract oils. The bottom part of the looks brittle but isn’t, and I’m sure it will hold up to regular use.

    The switches are nice and crisp, not as heavy as Kailhs or Omrons but a healthy, satisfying in-between tactile feedback. The wheel is also nice with well-defined steps, and the side buttons are also impressive.

    Overall I am quite satisfied with this mouse, and thanks to Meckeys for making it available in my home country at such a reasonable price. I will be waiting for a Mini version of this mouse too, when it releases.

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