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My favourite Cherry MX switch

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Key switches are an essential element of a mechanical keyboard. Based on user preferences, CherryMX provides multiple colour options for their key-switches.

Following are the key characteristic of a key switch :

Property Description
Actuation Force Actual force is the force required to register the key press. Measured in Centinewtons(cN) or relatively measure in Grams (In Layman’s terms to measure weight). As 1g of weight applies about 1cN of downward force.
Tactile It generally refers to a small bump in response to finder pressure. It acts as a physical feedback for the user indicating that key press has been registered.
Linear These switches do not have a bump in terms of a physical feedback. Here the keystroke is consistent and smooth.
Clicky A bump in the middle of travel accompanied by a sharp “click” sound.


Popular Cherry MX key-switches :

Cherry MX colour Actuation force(g) Characteristic User Preference Functioning
HTML5 Icon Blue 55 Clicky & Tactile Ideal for users who love to hear the clicky sound when typing or playing games. It is considered as the best Cherry MX switch for Typist. Due to its tactile nature, these key switch can be used in the field of data entry, boosting typing speed, or even impressing family and friends(easily noticeable). Click Here
HTML5 Icon Brown 55 Tactile This switches are lighter than Cherry Blue, but have audible feedback. Ideally for someone looking for an all rounder keyboard whether its gaming or typing. Since the key gets activated when it’s half pressed, it’s good for users/games which requires tapping each key multiple times. Click Here
HTML5 Icon Red 45 Linear This are linear and light in nature, lighter than Cherry Black. This keyboards requires minimal spring force and hence can produce faster response time. Ideal for gaming but also good for typing. This key switch are quieter than Cherry Blue. Click Here
HTML5 Icon Black 60 Linear This switch are linear and have slightly higher spring force. One of the best switches for gamers who want some resistance to ensure the key has been properly pressed. It helps in preventing accidental key presses while playing games, due to high actuation force. Click Here
HTML5 Icon Clear 65 Tactile This are tactile switch with no click or acoustic feedback. Cherry Clear is generally good for those user who like the Cherry Brown but with high actuation force. This switches are well balanced in different scales, good for everyday computing and general use, someone who wants to use a real mechanical keyboard. This switches are not easily noticeable. Click Here
HTML5 Icon Silent Red 45 Linear This switches are lighter than than Cherry Black. Also this switches are similar to Cherry Silver in the way they are light, linear and also Silent in Nature. This switches are ideal for users who want to take an advantage of Cherry Red but limiting the operating noise. This keyboard are relatively quiet and are ideal to use in Offices or public places. Click Here
HTML5 Icon Speed Silver 45 Linear This are similar to the Cherry Red switches, light & linear. This switch is light, has no pressure point and no contact feedback.It has extremely short reaction time. 40% faster than Cherry MX standard switch. Click Here

The collective information have been gathered from official CherryMX website.

Please Note : Above is the list of popular CherryMX key-switches, there are other options available in the market. Please visit the CherryMX website for more details.