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Kailh Switch Pack

(2 customer reviews)

190.00 ( incl. GST )

  • Genuine Kailh switches (cross-type contact form).
  • Choose BOX or Traditional Mechanical Key-switches
  • Comes in a pack of 10 pieces
  • Compatible with Glorious GMMK mechanical keyboards and GK keyboards (supporting mechanical 3-pin switch)

Featured Characteristic :

  • Kailh Red – Linear 45g | 3.8mm travel | 2.1mm actuation
  • Kailh Brown – Tactile 50g | 3.8mm travel | 2.1mm actuation
  • Kailh Blue – Clicky 50g | 3.8mm travel | 2.1mm actuation
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SKU: KAI-SWT-PCK Category:

Pack Of


Actuation Force

Blue – 50g, Brown – 50 g, Red – 45 gm

Compatible with

CherryMX switch type

Key Switches

Kailh Blue, Kailh Brown, Kailh Red

HSN Code


Country of origin


2 reviews for Kailh Switch Pack

  1. HimanshuPatel (verified owner)

    Nice switches for relatively cheap price

  2. Jeremy (verified owner)

    My review is going to center around the Khail red and blue switches, you can probably google the specs and find out what exactly they fell like and sound like but ill Give you my personal two cents. Im going to break this up into points to make this more precise yet remain as comprehensive as possible.

    Delivery Time: I ordered 30 red switches and 10 blue switches witch arrived in under 5 days. I live in Mumbai so depending where you live your Mileage may vary.
    Packaging: The switches come in a plastic lip sealed pack witch enough bubble wrap to survive a nuclear blast. Although there was no cardboard box just a normal plastic delivery envelope.
    Switch feel. Compared to normal cherry mx switches they feel pretty much the same. Linear , smooth but bottoms out a little before the mx ones do. its a bit scratchy with a metallic ping with the springs but nothing a little lube wont fix.
    Lubing: The design of the khail top enclosures are actually different from the mx switches which make them actually easier to open and lube. Instead of having 4 small clips that hold the two half of the switches together they have 2 large clips which you can just pop open with your fingers. Not bad at all,
    Price: This is the literally the cheapest switch option right now and the quality is up there with the best linears. Currently at Rs. 40 per switch and china and india being hostile to each other and shutting down trade its hard to find any other platform that price matches. this is the way
    Verdict: If you dont want to get kicked out of your office by the clacking cacophony of the blue switches and dont want to sit on the tactlie fence of the brown switches, the reds are the way to go. If you live alone and love clicky sounds go for blues, and if you just can decide between red and blues go for browns..
    All in all thanks meckeys for the selection of these niche products. Would love to see some more options in keyboard accessories and diy kits like pcbs, enclosures, switch films, stabilizers and wrist rests.

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