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Ducky One 2 Mini RGB

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Free gift – Comes with 10 additional PBT double-shot colourful keycaps (random colour) & a dog spacebar (exclusive giveaway).

  • Premium quality keyboard, with brand new bezel design
  • German made Cherry MX keys for tactile feedback.
  • RGB back-light keyboard.
  • PBT double-shot seamless keycaps for perfect use in home, office & gaming.
  • Comes with detachable USB Type-C cable.
  • Supports Ducky Macro V2.0 and Mouse control function.
  • One year domestic warranty.

” Cannot decide between Cherry MX switches? Refer to our guide for help. “

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Additional information

Weight 1.3 kg
Dimensions 40 × 20 × 10 cm

Dye-sub PBT



Logical Layout


Physical Layout

US Qwerty


Detachable USB

Compatible with

Linux, Windows




Approx 0.59kg

Keycaps Puller Included


18 reviews for Ducky One 2 Mini RGB

  1. tanmaysinghal (verified owner)


  2. sonalisachdeva4u (verified owner)

    At first I was not sure about a lot of money on a keyboard.I knew that many pro players including tfue used this keyboard.I was also skeptical about ordering it from meckeys.But then I did some research that meckeys is a official distributor website listed in ducky’s website.If u can afford the keyboard,go for it and buy from meckeys.Delivery is super fast an my order reached me after 2 days on free delivery.The keyboard is super nice.It feels quite premium in hand.It has a nice weight to it and offers great RGB back lighting.Take your time with the keyboard to understand and use it to its fullest potential.

  3. Arpan Sharma (verified owner)

    First of all, meckeys is the best. I wasn’t aware of these guys and was making a mistake by ordering this keyboard through Amazon. But by Lord’s grace, r/IndianGaming enlightened me with this website and I straightaway ordered my first mechanical keyboard.

    Taking about the product:
    It was delivered on time and it doesn’t even have a single scratch on it.

    The packaging is very good and all the extra content and manual is provided.(very obvious)

    The keyboard works great.(had to read the whole manual for 30 mins to understand the function keys and stuff)

    If you guys are thinking that if it’s safe or not, or wether the comments are not generated or stuff like that, trust me it’s 100% safe and genuine to order.

    Have a good game day

  4. Gowtham (verified owner)

    At first, I was doubtful, whether they are genuine or not. So I placed COD for this order. After receiving the order, I can say that the delivery was quick and the packaging is very good. And Meckeys are the official distributors for Ducky Mechanical Keyboards (I found this later on the Ducky Official website, after placing the order). Hereafter, I will order all my gaming accessories through Meckeys only. They are the Best!

    The Keyboard is very good. You will also get that feel when you hold it in hand.

  5. alwynn60 (verified owner)

    Wonderful keyboard! Big thank you guys for letting us get this keyboard across India you guys are doing an amazing job. I love the keyboard and I wasn’t expecting to get product so quickly. Thank you.

  6. Saikat Kar (verified owner)

    Excellent board with genuine cherry mx browns and gorgeous RGB lighting. The delivery took only 1.5 days to arrive and the customer support over email has been excellent. One star deducted because the keycaps are poorly made. So much so that I initially thought these were painted keycaps! On close observation and while replacing them, I noticed that they are double shot PBT keycaps after all, but the work itself is shoddy and the markers are dull and look faded!

    Everything else is awesome though and I added about 5 words per minute to my typing speed! Get the SF if you can, because you will really miss the arrow keys. Meckeys comes highly recommended from me. ❤️

  7. Divjot (verified owner)

    Quick delivery, beautiful keyboard.

  8. prithvirajs47 (verified owner)

    It is amazing that Meckeys provides these awesome keyboards in India. The shipping is lightning quick as it is done by Fedex, I received mine just in two days after the keyboard was shipped. Also the email support is really helpful. Looking forward to see more products in the future so that we do not have to import ourselves.

  9. Dhruv (verified owner)

    I have recently ordered this keyboard from meckeys.com . At First I was not comfortable ordering from a third party website but I was completely wrong. The staff kindly answered all my questions and the board was delivered in three days. It was in perfect condition and was packed thoroughly. It is the best keyboard . The key caps were beautiful and the accessories helped a lot. My gaming skills have already improved and I’m loving it.i would suggest buying this keyboard and I recommend this website for india. Trust me! This is my opinion and the website and keyboard is not a scam.

  10. Frozenjesuscola (verified owner)

    Was slightly skeptical of ordering from a previously unknown(for me) site. But, I’m glad to see they delivered. The keyboard itself is great. I’m using it primarily at work. The only nit I have is need to use the FN key to use the arrow keys, but that’s something to be expected from a 60% keyboard.

  11. ManmeetBadwal (verified owner)

    it had to take 3-7 days for shipping, but it came on 3rd day itself. Meckeys is a very great to order any mechanical keyboard for gaming. just loved it ^_^

  12. mayank (verified owner)

    Fantastic keyboard!! I bought it because of Tfue and i’m really loving the 60% form factor.
    1 less star because the space bar was rattling a little when pressed from the left side everything else is fine.

  13. Nickgeorge (verified owner)

    Meckeys is wonderful site that dispatched my order lighting fast. Received the keyboard in mint condition.
    The keyboard itself is amazing to use with cherry mx switches. Comes with some goodies and the packaging is very very good. Definitely will recommend to anyone who would like to use 60%keyboards. Plus with amazing service and response from the Meckeys team it’s a plus . !

  14. Manmeet (verified owner)

    At first I was really worried from ordering from this website but the support team assured me through mail. The keyboard is very small and gives a premium feel. The cord in my opinion was really small for me . But I haven’t faced the cord problem with any other keyboards in the past. They also don’t sell extended cords . It doesn’t have any specific software , just a firmware. Delivery was done is 2-3 days after the order. A bit costly when compared to Indian brands . But for sure bang for the buck , I really like the styling and weight of the keyboard. I hope they get basic accessories imported . Rest , I love the keyboard ^_^.

  15. FA (verified owner)

    Delivery was quick and smooth via FedEx.

    The product works well and everything is as described. It’s great to have an option to buy mech keyboards from an Indian seller and have it delivered quickly.

    My only regret is that I decided to jump from blues on my earlier keyboard to browns here, I see some soldering in my future.

  16. Ayush Gupta (verified owner)

    Loved it. Ordered it with browns and its as expected. Keys aren’t too loud and and still ta tactile enough. 60% form factor also saves a lot of desk space and gives my mouse more room to move. Meckeys is very reliable too. I ordered mine on 18th and got it on 20th! Overall in love with the product.

  17. Batsy (verified owner)

    I’ll start by saying that Meckeys is reliable. They sent my product surprisingly fast.

    Now that is done, lets move to the keyboard. You can’t go wrong with this one. I don’t have much desk space so I got this 60% keyboard. It has an amazing, tank like, built quality and will last you long. The RGB is brighter than most gaming keyboards I have used. My board has speed silver cherry switches which I use mostly for gaming. It comes with a USB-C cable, 10 additional PBT keycaps and a keycap puller. The packaging on the inside was a little torn but the keyboard was fine, so meh, at this price range it is a solid keyboard. Go for it!

  18. Dharam (verified owner)

    The keyboard is very sturdy with awesome rbg loghts. It is heavy and feels really good to use it. Meckeys have surprised me by delivering this keyboard with lightning speed. This is best mech keyboard i have every used. I have been gaming for quite sometime and as an experienced gamer i would rate this keyboard 8/10.
    1. Size 60%
    2. Built quality
    3. RGB Lighting
    4. Customizations of lights
    5. Sound while typing (cherry brown)
    6. Cable is usb c type to usb and the build qualoty is great.
    7. Some goodies which are great
    8. Extra keys provided by the manufacturer

    1. Price
    2. Software is not that great

    Go ahead order from meckeys they are great and will fulfill your order on time.

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