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Ducky One 2 SF White

(10 customer reviews)

Comes with 10 additional PBT double-shot colourful keycaps (random colour) & an exclusive spacebar.

  • Premium quality keyboard, with brand new petite bezel design
  • German made Cherry MX keys for tactile feedback with 65% keyboard
  • SF stands for Sixty-Five
  • RGB backlit keyboard
  • PBT double-shot seamless keycaps for perfect use in home, office & gaming
  • Comes with detachable USB Type-C cable
  • Supports Ducky Macro V2.0 and Mouse control function
  • One year domestic warranty

” Cannot decide between Cherry MX switches? Refer to our guide for help. “

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SKU: DKON1967ST-2 Categories: ,


Dye-sub PBT



Logical Layout


Physical Layout

US Qwerty


Detachable USB

Compatible with

Linux, Windows




Approx 0.64kg

Cable Length

1.5 m

Dimension (cm)

32.5 x 10.8 x 4

Keycaps Puller Included


HSN Code


Country of origin


10 reviews for Ducky One 2 SF White

  1. Sanjog (verified owner)

    Second Ducky, this one with Brown switches. Remarkable quality and finish, the keyboard feels premium.
    Great job, Meckeys, hope you guys are getting some of the new SFs soon!

  2. Pratyush Sharma (verified owner)

    My first mechanical keyboard. Really loved it. Size is perfect. RGB is one of the best I have seen due to reflection from white backplate. Went with mx brown switches ignoring the memes and r/mk and they are not bad as people would make you believe. I have never tried other switches but I am happy with browns as first keyboard. Although build is plastic it is pretty hefty and well built. Feels like quality product vs my previous razer cynosa chroma membrane.

  3. Suren (verified owner)

    the keyboard is good but, doesn’t make up a lot compared to the like of hk gaming sk and gk keyboard comes at a very low price tag, that keyboard should do the job similar to ducky

  4. i_TzaaaR_YT (verified owner)

    I have this Keyboard Bought From MecKeys .i have bought the one with MX Cherry Red. i Have A Youtube Channel l by the same username .
    The key board is Good and Quality is also well . i am also buying Glorious Model o- From Here Pink version . If you wanna know Anything about this keyboard You can Ask me question on my livestream on Youtube .

  5. Jithinlal (verified owner)

    This is my first mechanical keyboard, and now I know what I am missing. The build quality, even though it’s plastic, is fantastic and strong. The LEDs are quite stunning. In conclusion this board simply brings that satisfying feel to both eyes and hands.

  6. Amit S (verified owner)

    Excellent keyboard really. The feel and build quality is top notch. Nice feedback and hassle free usage experience. The RGB lighting looks bloody awesome on this white version with multiple profiles to select. The shopping experience from buying to updates to delivery was top notch. Excellent team at Meckeys!!

  7. zastincancer (verified owner)

    Switching from membrane keyboard… Nice choice to pick ducky, thank you Meckeys for your service…

  8. Rishvaanth (verified owner)

    Worth the price. Considerably close to US prices and the keyboard itself is a god send. The themed spacebar alone is ABS not PBT, and some of the included Keycaps don’t allow backlight shine through. But as for the build, it’s premium and weighs solid in hand. Sturdy, Keycaps are original cherry MX. Keyboard is from Taiwan and not China which gives some aesthetic relief. Key presses are satisfying and RGB effects are on a whole new level. Love the keyboard soo much.

  9. Dheeraj (verified owner)

    It’s a fantastic little keyboard. The 65% form-factor is a great tradeoff between 60% and TKL. It’s about as small as most people can go without any difficulties of adjusting to life without arrow-keys.

    If you’re a coder that uses ` a lot (for markdown, etc.), it’ll take a little getting used to hitting the Fn-key every time. Shift+Esc defaults to ~, so it shouldn’t be an issue for POSIX users that will frequently try to “cd ~”.

    There is an issue with using the keyboard with macOS where a row will light up randomly, and disconnect the keyboard. This is a known issue, and you can manually update the firmware to fix this. The bigger issue I have with Ducky keyboards is that updating to a new firmware requires a Windows machine. I use a mac + Linux box and had to borrow a Windows laptop to flash a new firmware.

    The lighting modes are a pretty nice addition. It has full RGB support. Meckeys includes 10 extra keys, but I was shit out of luck since they included some keys which don’t fit my keyboard (Numpad Enter, 2 arrow keys).

    Overall, highly recommended this keyboard.

  10. gunjan dutt (verified owner)

    Amazing feel to the keys .. I went for the speed switches and am absolutely loving it. Perfect t for my gaming setup and is quite being linear version. Must recommend it

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