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Royal Kludge RK71 (HOT-SWAPPABLE)

(29 customer reviews)

4,499.00 ( incl. GST )
3,999.00 ( incl. GST )

    • Hot-swappable mechanical keyboard with Gateron Mechanical key switches
    • ABS bottom shell with double-shot ABS keycap.
    • RGB backlit keyboard. Customization available both on-board & via software.
    • Ergonomic keyboard design to offer the most comfortable gaming and work experience.
    • Detachable USB Type-C cable.
    • One year domestic warranty.
    • Note: This keyboard is wired and doesn’t support wireless connectivity.
    • Note : The Package doesn’t contain MAC specific keycaps

Use this link to download the latest driver.

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Colour Style

Black, White

Key Switches

Gateron Blue, Gateron Brown, Gateron Red, Gateron Yellow





Logical Layout


Physical Layout

US Qwerty


Detachable USB

Compatible with

Linux, Windows




Approx 0.78 kg

Dimension (cm)

29.3 x 10.3 x 4

Keycaps Puller Included


HSN Code


Country of origin


29 reviews for Royal Kludge RK71 (HOT-SWAPPABLE)

  1. Bharath (verified owner)

    Just bought the white wired version with Gateron Yellow switches (currently typing on it). Must say, it has exceeded all my expectations.
    Gateron Yellow switches: These switches are the absolute best among the gateron switches is what I feel, it’s buttery smooth and isn’t clicky.
    Keycaps: The white shine through ABS keycaps feel really good and help highlight the keys even in pitch darkness courtesy the RGB.
    RGB: The lighting is too good and is customisable without even needing to use the software.
    Miscellanious: The feels heavy and solid which prevents it from moving around in your desk. Also, I think the switches and stabilizaers come pre lubed which is very good considering the price!

    Also, not to forget that the keys are hot swappable which means this is a dream keeb for modding. The stock is also equally good and you can use it without any mods for a really long time.

    Overall, the best keyboard in this price range and I would suggest this for newbies and modders alike! 10/10

  2. Madhusudan (verified owner)

    This was my first mechanical keeb (as well as my first order on Meckeys), and so far I like everything about it.

    I got one with the gateron blue switches, as I type a lot and I prefer the feedback of the clickies. If you are planning to use it for mostly gaming, yellow or brown gaterons might be a better and more quieter option.

    So far I have no complaints. Would definitely recommend this keeb and Meckeys 🙂

  3. Indie (verified owner)

    Having an amazing experience so far!, no complaints.

  4. Harendra (verified owner)

    Great keyboard. Sounds great. Feels great. Might be a little hard for people that used to have a 100% keyboard at first, but becomes very easy to use after a day or two.
    (it has foam pre-installed as well as pre-lubed switches, so the feeling and sound is amazing).
    Would definitely go for it (best product in this price range imo)

  5. Kunj (verified owner)

    Received in 3-4 business days. Smooth delivery experience. The keyboard is just “thoccc”. Gateron yellows provide awesome typing experience. RGB customisation is just insane with the Royal Kludge software. Just concerned about the keycap remover given by RK which is a metallic one, as it could easily leave scratches on the keycaps. Buy a keycap remover having smooth/rubber edges and you will go rolling with this keyboard. Best buy for 4.2k.

  6. Abhishek (verified owner)

    The product is good, the only regret is buying before the wireless version was released in meckeys, would suggest to pay 500rs more and buy the wireless (3 modes) one.

  7. Shreas (verified owner)

    Great keyboard, the switches are pre lubed the stabs sound great and the rgb is really bright. Order was delivered within 3 days, they used smartr logistics, tho your mileage may vary as i have read ppl whose order took 6-7 days. Great keyboard you will not be disappointed go for it!!

  8. Kaushik (verified owner)

    Amazing experience. Delivery packaging very good. Quality very good. Foam and lube pre installed. The given link for the software works fine. Only problem, i didnt get any extra swtiches with it

  9. Ajith (verified owner)

    Fantastic keyboard for the price. Coming from CB firefly, this feels like a world apart while typing. I went with yellow switches and it THOCS!!! Switches seems to be lubed as well. If you are on the fence about getting this, I highly recommend it in this price range.

  10. YashUbana (verified owner)

    One of the best mechanical keyboard I ever used. One con is that its not wireless but at this price range its the best. If you have budget under 5000 you should go for it.

  11. subham (verified owner)

    Guys i had ordered yellow switch version of it trust me it is the best so smoooooth than actually you can think of. This meckeys guys are absolutely the best. You can blindly trust them. Their support is simply great. This was my first experience and will remain lifelong costumer.

  12. ZTR23 (verified owner)

    Great keyboard for the price
    Got the Gateron Yellow version and the switches feel smooth to type on
    The keyboard comes with foam pre-installed so the sound profile is nice, not too clacky or noisy

  13. AD9905 (verified owner)

    This keyboard is pretty nice and comapct. The gatreon yellow switches are not loud and great to type on.

  14. Abhishek (verified owner)

    I am writing this after a month of use.
    The package arrived in good condition and included a keycap puller, a few spare switches, and two magnetic risers, I had ordered brown switches. The experience so far has been great.
    Brown switches are buttery smooth and have just enough clicky sound, perfect for the office environment or if you are working from home alongside other family members. RGB functions as stated and has different modes and speeds.

  15. Harendra (verified owner)

    The RK 71 has the perfect layout. It doesn’t lose the arrow keys in the 60%, and isn’t too big too.

    The switches I bought(Gateron Yellow) are very smooth and buttery, and the sound is quite thocky. The keyboard itself has a sturdy built and performs well while gaming too. Meckeys delivered it a day before and their customer support is good.

    I had doubts regarding the reliability of Meckeys and if it was legit, but then I found that Ducky’s website itself recommends to buy from Meckeys.

    So, all in all:-

    Switches – 5/5
    RGB – 4.5/5
    Build quality – 5/5
    Meckeys Customer support – 4/5

  16. Kane7712 (verified owner)

    Epic keyboard

  17. deepak19prajapati99 (verified owner)

    my second mechanical keyboard, first one was cosmic byte firefly from amazon its keys started to malfunction after 1.5 years. This keyboard is feels way better than my first one hoping it will last longer plus it is hot-swappable so I can easily change malfunctioning keys. got brown switches version so its also quite so I am not worried about waking someone up at night.

  18. ANSHUL (verified owner)

    Really great budget keyboard in India.

  19. Amit (verified owner)

    The keyboards great but the bluedart delivery is shit

  20. Nitish (verified owner)

    Honestly, i was surprised by how good the keyboard actually is. I ordered the yellow switch variant and well, the keys are buttery smooth. it looks like they have been pre-lubed and the keyb also seems to have been foam modded since the sounds are so soft. the stabilisers are also great on this one. and for anyone who’s curious about the software support, yes i was able to find the correct software for this particular keyboard and it works perfectly fine! if you’re having trouble finding the software then you can contact me at and i will try to help you with that.
    also, meckeys’s service was great! the product was delivered rather quickly and it was pretty seemless! cheers

  21. Alongmon (verified owner)

    hot swappable
    very sturdy overall
    good switches(I got the brown one)
    compact and with the extra arrow keys, makes it way more function than a 60% keyboard

    no software support for wired rk71 although they are for wireless
    stablizers could be better but for a first keyboard this is more than enough

  22. Shivam (verified owner)

    This is my second Keyboard but first Keyboard (or rather Product) bought from Meckeys and it’s amazing. Hardly there is any importer who gets these International Brands in India but you guys are the one ❤️.
    About the Royal Kludge RK71 Black keyboard w/ Gateron Red linear switches, it’s great for 4.5K with good build quality, compatible with both Mac and Windows, good Stabalizers, and butter smooth switches. It’s also great for Enthusiasts who are on a budget but also wants to modify their Boards with Tape mod, lubing with krytox lube, Custom stabalizers etc etc………

    Product :- 4.7/5
    Delivery :- 4/5 :- 5/5

  23. Rohitagni Mukherjee (verified owner)

    A really great product, and thanks to Meckeys for the quick delivery ! Got it at 4K (Brown Gaterons) during the flash sale. Blindly go for it if you trust RoyalKludge and as an added bonus, you get a “factory pre-modded” keyboard (lubed switches, stabilizers and foam on the backplate). Definitely change the keycaps, these are subpar to be honest.
    Only CON : There is no software support for this wired version of the RK71 (I’ve searched almost everywhere).

  24. Tem (verified owner)

    Super awesome budget keyboard. The sound of the keys is charming and soothing. I bought this keyboard with modding in my mind but to my surprise, RK had already modded the keyboard for me, it comes with foam for the case and the backplate as well so sound-wise the keyboard is fantastic. (FYI I ordered it with red gaterons)

  25. shaun mendonca (verified owner)

    The software and firmware for the keyboard are very difficult to find and the software does not work for me,it shows ‘no device connect’.Besides that a very good keyboard.

  26. Amodh (verified owner)

    I’m not new to the world of mechanical keyboards, I have used RedGear and some other similar cheap-o brand mechanical keyboards for over 5 years. But this right here is something else. It is probably because of the good quality stabilizers and pre-lubed keys, whatever it is, it is doing the trick. In typing speed test, I was surprised to get 10 more words per minute than my usual speed. The key switches also look and feel great to the touch, The light effects are amazing as well. Overall a great product for the price.

  27. Danish (verified owner)

    When I researched about meckeys on the internet I found some mixed reviews and was kinda skeptic but boy was I wrong. This is very first mechanical keyboard and I have to say that this keyboard is worth every penny and the yellow switches are so good. Also I was expecting it to sound so good out of the box. Thanks meckeys for such a great deal

  28. Rishav (verified owner)

    I had a cosmic byte mechanical keyboard and a redragon one. But this by far exceeds all my expectations. The keyboard sounds so so good. The stabilisers are lubed(I checked) and no rattling too. The yellow switches that I got seems to be lubed cause they sound and feel very smooth. Also there is a layer under of foam like material under the plate. Great props to RK and meckeys for this keyboard.

  29. Aditya (verified owner)

    Best purchase I have ever made. This keyboard feels like heaven to type on!
    I was not expecting the stock sound to be so good, but to my surprise, it sounds amazing even without modding.
    If you’re thinking of buying this, just get it, you won’t regret your choice 😉

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