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Keychron K2

(14 customer reviews)

  • All models version 2 i.e. K2V2.
  • Mechanical keyboard with Gateron mechanical key switches.
  • Support both wired(detachable USB Type-C cable) and wireless(via bluetooth) connection
  • Available with white led and RGB backlit options
  • Ergonomic keyboard design to offer the most comfortable gaming and work experience.
  • Compatible with both Mac and Windows OS.
  • One year domestic warranty.

” Keychron K2 user manual can be found here.”

Use this link to download the “latest firmware“.

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RGB Backlit, RGB Backlit with Aluminum Frame, White Backlit

Key Switches

Gateron Blue, Gateron Brown, Gateron Red




RGB, White

Logical Layout


Physical Layout

US Qwerty


Wireless connectivity using Bluetooth, Detachable USB

Compatible with

Mac, Windows




Approx 0.78 kg

Dimension (cm)

31.5 x 13 x 4

Keycaps Puller Included


Keycap Size

(1.25u Ctrl, Win, Alt), (1.75u, 2.25u Shift)

HSN Code


Country of origin


14 reviews for Keychron K2

  1. Prateek (verified owner)

    Keyboard is amazing have been using it for 3 months now. It makes a really nice sound and is really comfortable to type on. Have no problems till date. The keyboard came earlier than expected.

  2. Deepak (verified owner)

    Pre-Order was shipped on scheduled date as advertised. Packaging was excellent and the package arrived in pristine condition. Overall very happy with the experience. Appreciate Meckeys for making the Keychron brand available in India at reasonable prices.

  3. SHREYAS P N (verified owner)

    Awesome Keyboard! Love the brown switches and fast Bluetooth connectivity, Fantastic support from MECKEYS in resolving all my queries.

  4. Abin (verified owner)

    I was looking for a keyboard that I could use with my work Mac and for gaming on my PC. This fit the bill perfectly. I got the plastic frame with Red switches as the Browns were out of stock and I did not want the Blues. As these are Reds typing takes a little getting used to. The space bar seems to have little travel but you get used to it.
    The keyboard works really well. Highly recommended. Very impressed by Meckeys service.

  5. He2A (verified owner)

    Beautiful product, battery lasts a long time, none of that gamer aesthetics, looks professional. Keycaps are sturdy and have rounded corner and extra keycaps are provided to switch between mac and windows layout. Only gripe is that the key layout is a bit different probably because I’ve never really used a mac before, so it gets a little time rewiring the muscle memory 😅

  6. Ashish Joel (verified owner)

    I’ve had my eyes on the the Keychron K2 ever since I started researching about mechanical keyboards. When I saw that Meckeys had these on preorder basis, I was slightly sceptical cause it was a new site for me but still took the plunge. There was a delay initially as they said they were shipping on first come first serve basis and that mine would be shipped only the following week. But to my pleasant surprise, the package was shipped two days after that email and reached quicker than I’d expected. In absolute perfect shape too. This being my first mechanical keyboard, I honestly didn’t know what to expect but man as soon as i heard the first sounds of the typing experience and the feel, I knew I’d made an amazing purchase. I’m absolutely over the moon with this keyboard experience. I wanted one that went well with mac OS, was wireless, had RGB backlighting, compact and clicky. This ticked all those boxes. More than happy!

  7. animesh (verified owner)

    best keyboard in this range at least in india.However the keys are a little wobbly as compared to my other keyboard from zebronics using outemu blue switches. However it doesn’t my typing too much so i guess its ok

  8. _eka_ (verified owner)

    amazing keyboard, thanks to Meckeys to make it possible in India

  9. Flawid DSouza (verified owner)

    Just what I wanted. Great keyboard.

  10. Dhruv chauhan (verified owner)

    Excellent build quality and Great experience so far. The switches are brown and perfect for typing experience.

  11. lord (verified owner)

    If you have a macOS based setup and you want a mechanical keyboard, it doesn’t get better than the Keychron K2.
    I got the plastic frame as I’ve heard the aluminium one can be quite heavy. My favourite colour mode is the no.3 CMYK mode which is an awesome palette of colours.
    I have the brown switches which I feel is the safest option to choose as you don’t want a super annoying keyboard (Blue 👀) but also, you still want to feel that you have a mechanical keyboard and hence, I feel I made the right decision.
    At 6.5K, I’d say it’s definitely worth it !

  12. Sagar Sen (verified owner)

    The keyboard itself is wonderful and as I use Mac and windows both switching between devices are just one click apart. Talking about the battery life it can last 2 days on Medium baclkit on. Furthermore i have got the Gateron brown switches, feels like smooth and glides on gaming, Switchin from Blue it really makes a difference. Highly recommended product.

  13. Somesh Panda (verified owner)

    Excellent build quality with the Aluminium frame. The switches I have are perfect for gaming and occasional typing. Amazing RGB. Great experience so far!

  14. Nikhil27 (verified owner)

    Keyboard is fantastic. I’m yet to extensively use it but for the time being, it’s working fantastic.
    Meckeys has also done a fantastic job with respect to sending the item via FedEx and sending an update when it was shipped. Thank you

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