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Glorious Model O Minus

12000 DPI
(11 customer reviews)

  • One of the world’s lightest RGB gaming mouse
  • Honeycomb shell design with G-Skates premium mouse feet
  • RGB backlight
  • Supports up to 12000 DPI, setting can be configured using offline mode(default) or drivers
  • 20 million clicks
  • Lightweight software with remappable DPI
  • Two year domestic warranty.

Latest driver can be downloaded from official Glorious website”

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Key Switches

Omron® Mechanical Rated For 20 Million Clicks




USB 2.0

Logical Layout

6 buttons


12000 DPI

Polling Rate

1000hz (1ms)


58 grams (Matte) and 59 grams (Glossy)*

Cable Length

2 m / 6.5 ft

Cable Type

Ascended Cord (ultra-flexible)

Mouse Feet Thickness


Mouse Feet Type

G-Skates Premium Mouse Feet

Compatible with

Linux, Mac, Windows

HSN Code


Country of origin


11 reviews for Glorious Model O Minus

  1. Prikshit dhawan (verified owner)

    I bought this mouse on june 18th 2022.I am reviewing this after a pretty extensive use of this mouse. first of all, this a pretty small mouse so i would not recommend it for people with large hands. I personally use claw and this is just the mouse for me. Its good in valorant, CSGO, fortnite and other pvp games. it is pretty light and its ptfe feet are just amazing cuz they are not damaged to rugged even after daily use for a year. the rgb is also good and the app lets you customize it even more.Overall this is the perfect mouse for gamers.

  2. Pratima chaubey (verified owner)

    Best mouse for minecraft 20cps while butterfly clicking and way better than hyperx pulsefire haste also is very easy to quad or to triple click. Here’s the average cps for every clicking method

    Butterfly 18 to 20 ez
    Jitter 13 to 16 kinda hard to do at at first
    Drag click
    Short 12 to 18
    Long 30 to 60

  3. Kaamesh (verified owner)

    The mice the Model O minus, reviewing after 2 weeks of use.
    I especially bought this mice to play minecraft, its a very good mouse can easily drag 35-40 cps and butterfly 20 cps 100% would recommend
    I did not find any cons on this mouse only pros, It’s a very nice mouse must buy

  4. Harshit (verified owner)

    brilliant product must buy better than other alternatives at this price point

  5. Suren (verified owner)

    If you guys have an old mouse better stick with it. I used to play with Logitech g102 and I play well with that mouse, After using this mouse even after a month my aim is not good, the sensor and weight doesn’t make any difference, it’s about how good you can grip the mouse then only the aim comes well.

  6. stormyisv (verified owner)

    cute mouse, good quality, delivered quickly, thanks meckeysss!

  7. Roisan Wahlang (verified owner)

    A very good and lightweight mouse for people with small(er) hands. I have been using it for more than two weeks and so far it still feels like new. Buttons are tactile and the tracking is responsive as expected of a gaming mouse. Customization (DPI, RGB, etc) can be easily set up using the software provided on the website. Also, product delivery was done within a week of when the order was made. For me, 5/5 rating for sure.

  8. DEVASHISH SHRIVASTAV (verified owner)

    Great mouse for claw grip aiming.And nice mouse for users with small hand.Very light weight and feels almost wireless.

  9. Rahul Karkera (verified owner)

    This mouse good af I bought it 2 weeks ago even since then my aim is point black and I’ve been fuckin people up on cod u gotta buy dis shit.

  10. Yuvraj Sheoran (verified owner)

    Very Good Mouse..Must Buy!

  11. Vishwanath Subramanian (verified owner)

    I received my Model O- on Feb 10 and held off my initial review in order to get a better idea of how compatible it is.

    Some background – I was using a modded-DIY G304 (a little under 80 g that I run at 1200 DPI) before this and wanted something lightweight and didn’t cramp my hands after long-term usage for a change. I play RTS and FPS.

    With the Model O-, I immediately noticed the low weight (58 g I run at 800 DPI) and, for my hand size (18 x 9 cm), it didn’t seem very cumbersome to me coming from another small mouse. I had to change my grip style just a little bit for a more relaxed palm-fingertip hybrid.

    The clicks also feel very crisp and the side-buttons are a noticeable upgrade in quality over the average gaming mouse, including my own. I like the grooved scroll wheel and the DPI button. While there are known QC issues with the regular-sized Model O, I had absolutely no issues build-wise with my Model O-.

    The holes are not a problem and it seems to hold up its paint and colors very well so far; seems resistant to oil and dirt.

    However, I have docked a star off of this review because of a few issues I encountered:

    1. The thin ‘new’ Ascended Cord that comes standard with the Model O- isn’t as thin and out-of-the-way I expected. There is still some amount of that thick lace covering that persists, even though it is possible to push it closer to the USB end with peristalsis. Coming from a wireless mouse, it was a little disappointing to see that the cable could’ve been better. Using a zip-tie mod helps mitigate this cable drag a bit.

    2. Sometimes there are occasional short teleports/spin-outs while gaming, and I encountered this even without the ziptie. I’ll do some research on this and find out what’s causing this.

    3. This one is a bit minor, but a bit more of a hump in the rear would’ve helped with claw-grip and hybrid-claw styles.

    Overall I’m very satisfied with the mouse and the price at which I got this off of Meckeys. Kudos to both Meckeys and Glorious for making such quality products accessible to the average gamer and I wish them all the very best.

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