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Kailh Box Switch

(4 customer reviews)

275.00 ( incl. GST )

  • Comes in a pack of 10 pieces
  • Genuine Kailh switches (cross-type contact form)
  • BOX switches are IP56 waterproof/dustproof
  • Only SMD compatible. Not compatible with other LEDS
  • Compatible with Glorious GMMK mechanical keyboards

Featured Characteristic :

  • Kailh BOX Red – Linear | 3.6mm travel | 45g Actuation | 45g Bottom Out
  • Kailh BOX Brown – Tactile | 3.6mm travel | 45g Actuation | 60g Bottom Out
  • Kailh BOX White – Clicky | 3.6mm travel | 45g Actuation | 55g Bottom Out

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Key Switches

Kailh Box Brown, Kailh Box Red, Kailh Box White



Pack Of


Actuation Force

Box Brown – 45g, Box Red – 45 g, Box White – 45 g

Compatible with

CherryMX switch type

HSN Code


Country of origin


4 reviews for Kailh Box Switch

  1. Ayush Mishra (verified owner)

    Bought the browns to complement my jailhouse blues, let me tell you, they’re not that tactile. The switches were pre-lubed, which is sonething you dont want on tactiles, but these feel smooth. The bump is small and barely noticeable, and does not hold a candle to my tactile converted blues, and they’re a pain to put back together as they’re a lot fiddlier than MX style switches.
    On the flip side, they’re not priced like GMMK Pandas or Zealios

  2. Abh1 (verified owner)

    This is review for Box Reds but a lot of points might carry across other Box switches too –
    Firstly all I’d say is – Smooth switches. Incomparably better than Cherry Reds and also feel slightly smoother than Gateron Reds which are some of the smoothest reds I’ve used. I’d say these are pretty close to Gateron yellows in smoothness while having less stem wobble which still is present in ample amounts but still is an improvement over a lot of other switches.
    I’m using Tai Hao Chocolate Factory keycaps on these and it’s a pretty tight fit but these keycaps seem to fit very tight on all cherry clones from what I observe and I can see no damage on the ABS keycaps so I can assure anyone these don’t have any keycap issues at this point.
    The switches themselves are pretty light and might be too light for some but I personally prefer linears smooth and light.
    Now about smoothness on Box Reds, these are very smooth but still have some slight scratchiness. Sadly box switches don’t like lubes so don’t even try it. My experience ended up being suboptimal as lubing with 105 made the switches more frictioney on downstroke and with 205 not much real difference at all. These are supposed to be used stock so a good switch to just plug in and use.
    Now these switches do infact sound pretty good. Has a nice clack to it but are slightly louder than Cherry Reds. My opinion is, they sound better than Gateron Yellows which again are it’s main budget competitor as the sound is more bassy compared to Yellow’s higher pitched sound.

    Final verdict? Great switches. Very smooth. Absolutely perfect to use stock. Sounds pretty nice and is sure a great lightweight switch for gaming and typing.

  3. aiyengar (verified owner)

    Having been used to Cherry MX blues for some time and then switching to CherryMX browns, I always wanted to try out Kailh boxes. I have the box browns installed on my GMMK, the first impression is the smoothness. In comparison to CherryMX browns which has a scratchy feel and a sharp bump, these ones are way too smooth with a nice bump. There appear to be new batch after retooling by kailh, the older batches had some issues which causes the keycaps to crack at the stem point. They should go perfectly with any caps, with PBT caps it may feel little to tight when installing.

  4. Vikram (verified owner)

    Used Box Whites for almost an year now, they are very nice.

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